More of my favourite washi tapes!

I did some more searching on the Internet and here are some more of my favourite washi tapes!  They’re all super cute and I can’t wait to get them and use them in craft projects!


There’s nothing more cute than these pink cupcakes!  This washi tape would be perfect for outlining recipe books or anything related to baking.



I love the simple but elegant design of these 3 tapes!  They almost look like an Easter basket and have a spring feeling that I really like.


The squirrel on this washi tape looks so cute!  Maybe not as cute as the duck from yesterday’s post but I still love it!


I really like this frog!  There’s something about his face with those eyes and that cute closed mouth.  The four leaf clover makes this washi tape perfect for decorating any sort of Saint Patrick’s Day crafts.


This is a very simple washi tape but I love the colours and the design is so elegant and classic.


I’m a big fan of Japanese anime so I really like this washi tape because it has a cute anime girl on it.  I have no idea what JYER is though…

And that’s it for today!  Check back again later for some more of my favourite washi tapes!


Cute Flower Washi Tapes

I love washi tapes with cute floral patterns and in today’s blog post I’ve decided to post some examples of my favorites!


I love both of these washi tapes.  The white background is nice and it almost looks as if the flowers are gently blowing in the wind.


These three washi tapes are very simple but they look so cute!


I love the pink and the bright colours in these washi tapes.  I especially like how some of these look like the flowers are blowing in the wind again.


I love how elegant the design of this Japanese masking tape is.  The black dahlia flowers would look great with anything.


THIS DUCK IS SO CUTE!  There are still some flowers in this washi tape but THAT DUCK IS SO CUTE!!!!!


It’s a very simple washi masking tape pattern but the flowers here look great and the yellow and purple colours go great together.


I love the packaging on this washi tape!  The flower design is nice and simple and pretty too and the colours are great.


This is sort of an older style design and the look of this tape reminds me of my grandmother.

That’s it for today!  Lots more cute washi tape tomorrow!


Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone!  My name is Harumi and I’m starting this blog because I really love washi tape and I wanted to share cute washi tape with the world!

I will be posting all kinds of things related to adorable washi tape.  First of all, did you know that Japanese masking tape and washi tape are the same thing?  Washi tape is made from washi paper which is a traditional kind of Japanese paper that people in Japan have been making for hundreds of years.

When you add glue to it you can turn it into a sticky tape that can easily be pealed off any surface so you can use it again and again on anything.  It’s perfect for scrapbooking and crafts and comes in tons of cute patterns!

That’s everything for now.  Be sure to check back later, I’ll post all kinds of cute washi tape that I find!